Web Hosting

Not only does 704 offer professional design and development services, but we also provide web hosting and domain name registration that is affordable for both small and large businesses. Our hosting solutions range from our Premier Basic package that is very affordable and, yet, fully featured, to the enterprise level Premier Pro Dynamic hosting package that utilize today's leading software and are feature packed.

Why pay $35 per year or more for a domain name? It's the same domain name and it is registered with the same Internet authority, ICANN. 704 charges only $15 per year for a domain name and what's more we manage your domain so that we can keep your domain safe from expiring and hackers. To get started registering your domain, please contact 704 today.

Included below is a matrix comparing the features and the prices of our most popular hosting packages. To order hosting, please contact us using the contact page form or the phone numbers listed for Justin Cook or Chris Harrist.

Web Hosting Packages

704 Premier Dynamic Hosting704 Premier Pro Dynamic Hosting
$450 annually$650 annually
5 GB Web Site Disk Space10 GB Web Site Disk Space
200 GB Bandwidth400 GB Bandwidth
Smartermail (Limit 20 email accounts and 1 GB Disk Space) Smartermail (Limit 20 email accounts and 2 GB Disk Space)
ColdFusion 11 ColdFusion 11
NAMS SQL Server 2008
Unlimited Access DatabasesUnlimited Access Databases
Unlimited FTP AccountsUnlimited FTP Accounts
Daily BackupsDaily Backups
Unlimited Domain PointersUnlimited Domain Pointers
No Set Up FeeNo Set Up Fee
SSL Secure Certificate $100/annually SSL Secure Certificate $100/annually
704 Premier Basic Hosting
$250 annually
1 GB Web Site Disk Space
40 GB Bandwidth
Smartermail (Limit 5 email accounts and 500 MB Disk Space)
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Daily Backups
Unlimited Domain Pointers
No Set Up Fee